About Us

We are a Georgian rapidly growing company active in Georgian hazelnut sector since 2013. Keda ltd is positioning itself as a major nut processor and exporter from Georgia and on the way to become the first organic hazelnut producer.

In 2013, we decided to distinguish ourselves from our competitors and by 2014 we created a sustainable hazelnut value chain, including all main stakeholders and especially the farmers. Keda ltd is managing partner of this value chain program as well as its processor & exporter company. The project’s impact in terms of quality and output improvement has been an example for the whole sector.

As we were convinced, that Georgian hazelnut has a huge potential and we knew, that high quality product is the most important asset, in 2015 we equipped our factory with modern machinery which fulfils all food safety & hygiene requirements.

With recent and ongoing investments, Keda ltd will be the unique Georgian company to propose certified, high quality semi-finished/finished products as well as natural hazelnut kernel.

Keda ltd is a ISO 22000;2005 quality management certified company.

Our mission is to build a profitable and socially responsible processing business by closing the gap between farmers and hazelnut processors.


Address: Georgia, Senaki, Rustaveli Street 2
Tel +995 413274104 (en/ru)
+995 571375757 (en/ru)
+995 597375757 (ru)
E-mail info@kedacompany.ge